The Hogan Book You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

This week and next, we celebrate the two golf legends from the DFW area, Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan. I recently discovered the author of a Hogan book who just happens to live in my neighborhood.  Talk about small world.

Tim Scott walks around the corner to join Pam Wood & I this Saturday at 11 AM(CT) on FB Live. Tim wrote the book “Ben Hogan-The Myths Everyone Knows, The Man No One Knew.”
He worked directly for Mr. Hogan @ Shady Oaks CC and wanted to reveal the real person he was, which most consider to be a steely faced golf icon. Tim worked for 14 years with Mr. Hogan beginning in 1969.  Sports media at the time and even today consistently paints a picture of a meticulous golfer & dresser, but a brusque, unapproachable solitary man.
While working with the 9 time major champion, Tim discovered a very compassionate and selfless man. And to cap it off, there’s a great dog story amongst many others in our 19th hole.
Of course we’ll update you on the talented fields in the LPGA Kingsmill event and the ATT Byron Nelson. Next week we’ll broadcast from the famed Colonial CC @ the Dean & Deluca Invitational and Pam turns total plaid.

Stay Thirsty, Eat Responsibly & Please Find the Sweet Spot!!


Tom Kees

Executive Producer & Co-Host

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