About Us

TK in the Hogan Room, Colonial

Tom Kees

“Exec Producer & Co Host”


“TK,” as he is known to many, originally hails from Sacramento CA, where he created and hosted a radio show for three years called the “Golf & Grape Guys” on the most listened to station in Northern California.

He launched the Golf, Grape & Grub Show in the Dallas/Fort Worth market five  years ago after moving there. For the past two years the show was  Nationally Syndicated on the BizTalk Radio Network. Catching the social media wave, the GGG Show is enjoyed Globally on FB Live. Listening to him on air, you’ll never know what he’ll say next.  In 19th hole fashion, it usually makes his co hosts blush.

A wine aficionado and collector for over 30 years, TK was a proprietor of a wine bar and cafe that boasted a selection of 500 premium wines. He has tasted with, interviewed and created relationships with most of the acclaimed vintners and winemakers in Nor Cal.

TK also has an extensive golf background as a college and amateur player. He has been a tournament director of several professional and amateur golf events.  While in Houston, he directed a Senior PGA Tour event that featured a host of celebrities including President George H.W. Bush, Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino, Clint Eastwood, Dinah Shore and several others.


Jim Nantz and Pam

Pam Wood

“Co Host”


When you hear those stilettos clicking and the door slamming, you know that GGG Co Host Pam Wood is Out of the Kitchen and conducting interviews on the golf course, in restaurants or wine bars. Though her full-time job is that of a technical writer and graphic designer, she manages to sport a single digit handicap.

With over three decades of playing amateur and competitive golf, Pam has worked in golf marketing and was a weekly contributor for ESPN Radio’s Golf Connection and a former CBS television anchor. A former Board member at Colonial Country Club, she is happy to make reservations for dinner and tee times. Of course she loves wine when she finds the 19th hole.



John and Nancy Bria

John and Nancy Bria



John & Nancy Bria call Napa home; we call it the “Western Headquarters of the GGG Show.” “JB” has been drinking wine since birth (he’s Italian!).  They are high school sweethearts who reconnected later in life.  JB launched TK into quaffing fine wine over 35 years ago. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!  So GRATEFUL!!

He has been collecting wine for nearly 50 years and has a robust cellar, although he lost some during ​ the ​earthquake​ a couple years back​.  OK, the garage was a “red river”.  Straws anybody? ​H​e and Nancy roam Sonoma & Napa going to tastings and rounding up wineries that make sense for the GGG Show.  TK calls them the “caretakers” of our adult Disneyland.