6/10-Global GGG Show> More Hogan Stories from Two Who Really Knew

No one won more US Opens than Ben Hogan. The Hawk as he was known, won four, which ties him with Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones and Willie Anderson. He was also known to be very callous and private.

We’ve now learned he was quite compassionate and had a keen sense of humor from author Tim Scott, who joined us a few weeks ago. We didn’t get a chance to hear all the wonderful stories from him, so we’ve invited him back to the Golf, Grape & Grub Show.

We are also joined by Marty Leonard, the daughter of the man who first sponsored Hogan and developed Colonial CC and Shady Oaks CC in Fort Worth.

Pam Wood & myself tee it up from our 19th hole at 11 AM (CT) on FB Live.

Tim, as you may remember​ wrote the book “Ben Hogan-The Myths Everyone Knows, The Man No One Knew.” He worked directly for Mr. Hogan @ Shady Oaks CC and wanted to reveal the real person he was, which most consider to be a steely faced golf icon. ​He ​worked for 14 years with Mr. Hogan​.​

​From the 1920’s to the 1970’s Leonard’s Department Store was widely know for it’s size and selection. As big as a suburban mall, it had it’s own subway and Santa’s rocket express. ​Many of you know my background in retailing so get a load of this: the store carried everything from pianos to petticoats & pumpkin seeds; fur coats & windmills; they made there own pasta, candy, coffee & had it’s own dairy products & baked bread. It included a beauty salon, groceries, auto service (with Leonard’s oil of course) and also some Leonard’s cigars.  It even had it’s own script.​

Marvin Leonard developed it with his brother and his daughter caught the genes for golf and the outdoors.

Marty’s accomplishments are many in golf, nature and charity. She built and owns Leonard Golf Links, the Nike Research Center and has served on the boards of both Colonial & Shady Oaks. She’s in the Texas Golf HOF, won the North Texas PGA Byron Nelson Award and served as the Chair of the USGA’s Women’s Advisory Committee. She literally is one of the Great Women of Texas.

Please check out our newly renovated website listed below with “live” feeds to our Tweets. Birdies are always good!!

Please check out our newly renovated website listed below with “live” feeds to our Tweets. Birdies are always good!!

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